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From time to time: we may sell off some of our quality youngstock so please check back to the sales page for the updated list of who is who for sale.

Goldengrove Lily
Goldengrove Lily is our first kid at Goldengrove from First Fleet Frederick. She is 50% miniature and 50% Nigerian Dwarf, and is to be retained. She is tiny and a mini me of Frederick. We are very pleased with her.
Goldengrove FF Touch of Magic
HISTORY has been made!!! This is the very first 100 per cent Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat EVER to be born in NEW ZEALAND.
He is as tall as a little beer bottle, and has the most stunning blue eyes ever!!! He will be the ultimate size reducer as well as putting the xfactor into enhancing milk quality. He will be registered in the closed herd book for the breed in the USA.
All our 100 per cent Nigerians are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. (ADGA).

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