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Merlin $10,000.00 Full blooded 100% Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Derived from USA imported embryos and Semen.

Dafford $ 5,000.00 2nd cross 75% Nigerian Dwarf Goat: -

Goldengrove Merlin
Merlin is a full blooded Nigerian dwarf dairy goat. He is a an ideal size reducer, with his tiny stature. Or use him to inject butterfat into your milk production. This is a unique opportunity to own a full blooded Nigerian, as they make fantastic pets. This is the first full blooded Nigerian dwarf dairy goat to ever be offered for sale, as Merlin is one of only five residing in New Zealand. These little goats have hit record numbers in the USA. Used for showing, milking and lovable pets.
Sire: FF Touch of Magic
Dam: FF Liesl

He will be offered for sale at $10,000.00 with full papers registered with ADGA.
Goldengrove Dafford
Dafford is a seventy five percent Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat. He is one of only a very few in New Zealand and is the only one ever offered for sale in New Zealand. Dafford is white with chestnut markings and very cute. He will be an ideal size reducer as he is very small, or use him to inject his beautiful blue eyes into your herd plus butterfat into your milk.

Sire: FF Touch of Magic, full blooded 100% Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat.
Dam: Goldengrove Lilly 50% Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat 50% Miniature.

He will be offered at $5,000.00

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